Hello, my name is Jason Enter and I am a Freelance Developer + Technical Architect + Independent Consultant.


My development experience covers a very wide range of projects for agencies, universities, non-profits, and government contracts. I have been very fortunate to work with some amazing teammates and clients since starting my development career in 2001. Prior to development, I worked as a certified Network Engineer for CNN and other startups. My recent roles include development lead, technical manager, and technical architect.

I currently work as a freelance development architect on a handful of projects & live in Charleston with my wife and kids. I am currently not looking to take on any new clients, but would be happy to forward you to the right folks.



My core focus typically revolves around architecting and development techniques of front-end structures in PHP applications, spanning mobile to desktop. I also work with multiple teams on methods of application interface development with a heavy focus on best practices, framework standardization, and front-end performance. My project experience have been very heavy in the Drupal ecosystem, but recently shifted to API-focused Laravel application.

In my last position at Acquia, I was the Front-end Lead in Professional Services and also helped lead the API-first Decoupled Drupal initiatives. I was also the co-creator of the Acquia Decoupled Starter Kit for React, which was built to demonstrate various Headless Drupal design patterns using React and GraphQL. Most days now typically involve day-to-day development of Laravel & Vue.js structures applications on Agile projects.



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